The Wrennwood Gift Guide Series | The Celebration Box

One of my favorite ways to welcome new clients and send off clients as their wedding comes to a close is with a special gift. This lets them know that I appreciate them and either starts us off on great terms or leaves them with a kind gesture that leaves a lasting memory as they begin their lives together. So, today, I’m sharing one of my personal favorites… The Celebration Box! While I love gifting this to clients, this is also a great gift idea to gift newly engaged or married friends. Enjoy!

Corkcicle Stemless Glass  |  Paired with your favorite bubbly, this is one of our favorite gift items time and time again. With so many colors to choose from, it’s easy to select one that goes well with your gift, or choose your favorite color!

Carry On Cocktail Kit – The Champagne Cocktail  |  We are in LOVE with the Carry-On Cocktail Collection. The Champagne Cocktail Kit contains all of the premium ingredients and tools you need (minus the alcohol) to create a top-shelf Champagne Cocktail. Pro Tip: Pick up travel-sized champagne bottles to pair with your kit!

Champagne Bubbles Lollipop  |  There’s no better way to celebrate than with a champagne bubbles lollipop. These are so gorgeous and tasty!

Release The Sparkles Confetti Thrower  |  I include these in almost every gift guide because when is there not a good time to celebrate when it comes to weddings? These small but mighty confetti poppers are the perfect addition to almost any celebratory gift.

Love Candle  |  Celebrate the love in your friends’ lives with… The Love candle, obviously! These are so cute and with so many other scent options, this line is the perfect option for almost any gift.

August 3, 2020