Our Team

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[us_person name=”Amberly Odom” role=”Owner and Creative Director” layout=”simple”][/us_person]

Creative minds demand open spaces; creativity cannot be held hostage inside of a box. Amberly Odom found prominence in the styling and design marketplace early in age. Some were just born to think differently and uniquely. Although very needed, thank goodness we are not all bean counters!

In 2005, Amberly’s love for creativity was unleashed. Rather than deciding to start her own business, her panache obsession decided it for her. Wrennwood Design was launched after working in the event and hospitality industry for seven years – in the catering world, full-service floral business, and working in corporate event planning. After venturing into the corporate world for several years, she decided to turn her passion for events into a full-time career.

Personally, she finds joy in simple pleasures. The first peony cut of the season, the last sliver of sunlight at the end of the day, and a successfully executed surprise rank high on her list of joys. Together with her husband Landon, they cherish time together as a family with their sweet girls, Madison, Annalise and Olivia.

In addition to running Wrennwood full-time, Amberly is passionate about elevating other business entrepreneurs around her and takes great pride in mentorship opportunities and speaking engagements worldwide. You can find more information below if you are interested in learning more about her business education, guest speaking, mentorship opportunities or joining her on an editorial experience.

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[us_person name=”Julia Newman Lavanchy” role=”Senior Associate Planner” layout=”simple”][/us_person]

Our style queen Julia, has been with Wrennwood for the past six years working as our Senior Associate Planner. With a degree in English Literature, Julia didn’t anticipate working in weddings and events, but she loves seeing the details come together and enjoys the story that comes with each event. She currently lives in East Atlanta with her husband and two kids and when she isn’t immersed in events she’s playing adult league soccer, watching The Office reruns or planning her next trip.

  • Favorite Flower: Magnolias- I love the big leaves and stark contrast of the white and greens.
  • Dream Wedding Location: Alaska, the backdrop of mountains and snow would be stunning.
  • Favorite Part of the Wedding Day: Right before the guests arrive, when we have a moment to look around and see that every detail has come together.
  • Other Favorites: Traveling, sushi, cruises, high heels, One Direction and a good manicure.
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[us_person name=”Jenna Andersen” role=”Associate Coordinator” layout=”simple”][/us_person]

Jenna joined Wrennwood in 2014 and quickly became an integral part of our team. After a brief move to Florida, she came back and brought her hard work and dedication along with her. Jenna helps our clients coordinate their wedding day with a calm and flexible demeanor, make sure no detail goes unnoticed. She is our team cheerleader and biggest support system are our large installation day

Having lived everywhere from Hawaii, Utah, and Europe, Jenna’s love for travel is a perfect match for our destination clients and navigating the tough logistics of destination clients. Just ask her about her dreamy Eiffel Tower engagement!