Floral Design

Gorgeous flowers are one of the things that make weddings so beautiful and fun. We meet with couples to understand their aesthetic and inspirations, and concepts flower arrangements based on season, color, texture, mood, the event space, and ultimately, your vision. Wrennwood will work with you to create the perfect arrangements, whether your wedding is a formal event or a casual gathering for brunch.



The way we bring our client’s visions to life on an aesthetic level is our favorite part of the planning process and admittedly, our clients favorite part too. Creative design brainstorming, color selection, linen sourcing, handmade installations, stationery and rental curation, and, of course, floral design, which we do in house, are just a sampling of the design, decor and floral services we will assist you with throughout the planning process. Our goal isn’t to create a wedding that just unfolds seamlessly and bursts with sentiment but to plan a celebration that represents your unique story and evokes those emotions that connect with your core. Our planning and production and management and execution strategies work harmoniously in tandem with our design, decor and floral skills to create truly memorable and personalized milestones.

Please note, our design, decor, and floral offerings are all done in house and included in our full-service planning and execution services. However, we do not offer Design, Decor, and Floral services as a stand-alone offering. We require a $25k minimum investment for this service. Our clients typically spend $50k and up on their floral and decor.