Avoid Breaking the Bank: Unexpected things to remember when setting a budget

It’s easy to remember the big categories when setting your wedding budget, & most couples go in aware since they don’t want to break the bank even on their big day. What some people don’t realize is that there are several little unexpected categories & details that can add up quickly! As planners, we always find it helpful to remind our brides & grooms of these when allocating for their budget; & now we’re sharing them with you too.

Here’s four things to remember when setting a budget:

Postage for Invitations, Save the Dates & Thank you cards:

If you’ve got a big guest list + thick stationary then postage will certainly add up. Discussing cost with your stationer prior to ordering is a good first step. You can also take one full suite to your local post office to have it weighed for the correct postage so you know ahead of time what you’ll be getting into. 

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Transportation for guests, bridal party & bride/groom:

Depending on your ceremony & reception locations, or guest count you may avoid this category all together. However, if there’s limo’s, party buses, or getaway cars on your mind then you take this into your budget. Go ahead & jot down how many modes of transportation you’ll be needing & book early. Tip: For each 55 passenger bus, you can expect to pay $1200 for an 8 hour block. Luxury getaway cars can range from $500-900 for a 1-2 hour block.

Alterations for your dress:

Any chance that dress you’re wearing is as unique as you? Then you’ll want to set aside some money for alterations that will make sure it’s perfect when you walk down the aisle. Wedding dresses typically have many layers, beautiful details, & take quite some time to alter. If you have to rush this is any way you can expect to pay even more!

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Tips can be a tipping point for breaking the bank when it comes to your budget. Some venues & vendors have tips already written into their contracts, so be sure to check so you can correctly prepare. Not sure who to tip? Here’s more information on exactly who to tip & how much.

You can break down a budget into far more categories, but we hope that this has given you some insight into a few that could have slipped by. If you’re looking for a more in depth categorical budget, or want to know when to start planning for when to start these tasks or budget, partial or full planning might be what you need!


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September 18, 2019