Planning Guide to Wedding Invitation Wording

Your wedding invitation sets the tone for your big day & gives you the chance to let your guests know what to expect for as far as formality, date, time, who will be hosting everything. If you’re wondering about wedding invitation wording & what to include we’ve got you covered with some tips laid out below.

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Must haves:

  • Who is Hosting
  • A request to come to the wedding:
    can be worded as: “request the honor of”, “request the presence of”, “request the pleasure of”, “invite you to celebrate”,
  • Names of the Bride & Groom
  • The Date & Time
  • The Location of the Ceremony
  • Reception Information
  • Dress Code (see this post for tips about decoding dress code)
  • RSVP Card

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Below are three options for wedding invitation wording that are most common:

Brides Parents are Hosting:

Mr and Mrs. John Newman,

request the honour of your presence

at the marriage of their daughter

Lilah Claire


Mr. Brian Paul James

Saturday, the seventh of June

Two thousand nineteen

at half after three o’clock

Summerour Studio

Atlanta, Georgia

Bride + Groom are Hosting:

Ms. Lilah Claire


Mr. Brian James

Invite your to celebrate

at their marriage

Saturday, the tenth of July

Two thousand nineteen

at half after four o’clock

Summerour Studio

Atlanta, Georgia

Bride + Groom & their Families are Hosting:

Together with their families

Miss Lilah Claire Newman


Mr. Brian Paul James

request the pleasure of your presence

at their marriage

Saturday, the seventh of July

two thousand nineteen

at seven o’clock

Summerour Studio

Atlanta, Georgia


If you’re working with a custom stationery designer or calligrapher then they can help with the layout and other options for invitation wording, but if you want to choose your own wording this guide will help. We have an arsenal or custom stationery designers that we love to work with. Stay tuned for our next stationery post with a luxury stationery design company.

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September 25, 2019