Inspiration Behind the Design of a Wedding

We get asked the question all of the time- how do you come up with the inspiration behind the design of a wedding?

If you’re like me, you love perusing the latest art and decorating books and magazines. I’ve always had a passion for art and good design and I believe that we should surround ourselves with beauty to keep feeling inspired and refreshed. In my career, I’ve brought this philosophy to every event and wedding I’ve had the pleasure of designing. I approach each party as an artist and I aim to create a beautiful world that reflects my client’s personal style.

I like to encourage couples to think of their wedding as the largest dinner party they’ve ever thrown. Why? Because your wedding should fit in with the rest of your taste and lifestyle, not be the exception. You want to treat your guests as if you’re welcoming them into your own home. Your wedding should look and feel like it’s yours and nobody else’s. Everything, from the invitations to the ceremony and the space itself, should be infused with personalized details that create an event unique to you.

Atlanta Wedding Planner

My favorite part of designing and event planning is collaborating with my clients. I absolutely love getting to know them: I ask about what they like, what they read, what they wear, as well as what their favorite flowers, colors, and places to travel are, and even which restaurants they love. In fact, many of my past clients are amongst my closest friends today! I also talk with them about whether they prefer a cleaner, more modern look, or one that’s more rustic or possibly even ornate and traditional. I urge my clients not to sway towards the latest trends, but rather to follow an approach that will make their wedding feel distinctly like “them.” Together, we hunt and gather: hunt for personal, meaningful items and gather design details that allow us to bring out the most loved elements found in these items. The key is to always keep your eyes open—you never know where you’ll spot that little something that inspires your entire event!

I am thankful to all of the incredible clients who have allowed me to be part of their beautiful weddings and fantastic parties over the years. Their trust means the world to me and I am deeply honored. I welcome any questions you might have about our company and hope that we meet to plan your unique celebration.

May 14, 2019