Getting Your Skin Wedding Ready

Skincare is something that has always been important to me. My morning and night time routines are a little ritualistic, but if anything has traumatized me more, it was my high school skin. Once I found products that not only worked wonders on my skin but aren’t harmful chemicals, I could feel good about what I was using. Getting your skin wedding ready doesn’t just start on your wedding day, it’s something you can start doing today to see incredible results.

You probably have a checklist of things you are going over to get ready. Venue? Check. Dress? Check. Cake? Check. Hair and makeup? You get the point. But have you thought about how you are going to get your skin ready for the big day?

Tips and Tricks

  1. Analyze your skin at this point. What do you want to improve? If you have lack of radiance and texture issues, fine lines, or even some acne problems this is enough time in advance to make some real improvements in your skin.
  2. Start a brand new skincare routine and promise at this point you’ll be vigilant about taking care of your skin each day. That includes washing off your makeup each night and applying your skincare regimen each day.
  3. Don’t be scared of exfoliation. There are many ways to achieve some exfoliation, whether by incorporating an exfoliating scrubber when washing, a chemical exfoliator such as glycolic acid, etc.
  4. Always, always moisturize. Each time you remove the natural oils from your face when you wash, make sure you moisturize to replenish your skin and keeping it looking youthful.
  5. Incorporate a Hydrating Mask. All of these can take care of different issues in the skin such as redness, dryness, or lack of elasticity leading up to your wedding day.

The Big Day

It’s here! Your big day. Your skin is totally ready to be photographed all day long because you’ve been smart about rebooting your skincare leading up to this day. For specific tips on how to treat your skin the day of your wedding, take a look at our next blog post for more details with one of our favorite skin care professionals and highly recommended makeup artists!get your skincare wedding ready

February 25, 2019