Finding the right clients

Sure, clients or customers are needed in business — after all, it is how we pay our bills. But to us, they’re so much more than just someone who is paying our invoice month after month making a means to an end. Finding the right clients is paramount.

Our clients are our business family, people who we truly care *about and want to see succeed. They are clients who we laugh with, celebrate with + get down to the nitty gritty with to make sure we plan the wedding of their dreams as we work on achieving our own dreams…because if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

We often get asked, “How do you find the right clients who you have the opportunity to create relationships like this with? And once you find the right client, how do you grow alongside them + make sure they stay on?”

Today, we’re diving into how we attract our dream clients and how once we have them, we nurture our relationship — because when you’re trying to build your own business, work is personal.

Let’s jump in.

we listen carefully

We listen to our what our clients want. And if they’re not signed-on as a client yet, that’s okay! We still listen because we always make sure we’re coming from the place of wanting to help. This is just the space that the gals that comprise Team Wrennwood operate from and it’s gotten us, and our community, far. If you want to find the right clients, you’ll need to be a good listener. The very first meeting we have with our clients in called a “discovery meeting” where we chat for nearly an hour (or more) just finding out more about our clients, what they love and how we can infuse that into an event.

Imagine calling Applecare asking for help regarding a lag in your iPhone. You’re connected, they listen to your problem, offer a solution + you’re on your merry way.

Now imagine calling Applecare asking for help with that same issue. You’re connected, they send you to 2 other representatives that may or may not be able to solve your problem + in the end you’re left shelling out $150 to the Genius Bar.

Which experience would make you more likely to repurchase from Apple?

we speak to them, not at them

First things first, we speak to our peeps, not at them! We’re in the business of providing the best wedding planning service around. We’re constantly asking for input to make sure we are on the right track, and take note of emotions going through the process. Before we ever present a design proposal to our clients, we took notes for an hour or two about them, so it’s important for us to include them in the process when making selection that will make them swoon.

Secondly, we speak in a language that connects with our demographic. We keep things pretty simple + always attempt to put things into terms that our clients can easily understand. When you visit  our office, our mission is for you to feel like you’re gaining tons of knowledge or accomplished your tasks, all while talking to your BFF over a cup of coffee (or a glass of champagne, please!)

get genuine, girlfriend (say that 3 times fast!)

We keep talking about how we value the fact that our staff genuinely connect with our people — and we’ll say it again! But what that really means…we make a point of showing clients that we want to invest in the marriage on a routine basis. We’re always checking-in on their planning process, delivering things like resources and help to assure we’re always helping them get to their end goal… a perfectly planned wedding.

Next time you’re pondering how you can seriously step your game up, we suggest you ask: “What can I give in this situation?” Instead of the infamous, “What can I get out of this situation?”


You’ll find the right clients.

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February 21, 2019